Happy Birthday Scream


The iconic slasher movie Scream was released 22 years ago. Do you feel old yet? I remember when this movie came out, everyone in my school was OBSESSED. This was THE movie of the summer in Ireland. (It wasn’t released here until the summer of 1997).

It was new and fresh and we hadn’t seen anything like it before. I think pretty much every teenage boy had a Ghost Face mask and fake butcher knife that Halloween. It has been copied by so many horror movies that it has now become a cliche, but when it first came out, Wes Craven revitalised a lagging horror genre and made slasher movies relevant again. His mix of humour, meta parody of the movie’s own genre and inventive and gruesome killings made Scream a box office hit grossing over $170 Million.

It was quotable (does anyone else still remember Casey’s whole opening scene off by heart?), modern, funny and had a ‘shocking’ twist ending. It spawned sequels, parodies and copy cats galore but in it’s own way,  it was inimitable. This is the movie that sparked an interest in the horror genre for thousands of teenagers that were too young to have been exposed to Elm Street or Halloween, and although we sadly lost Wes Craven in 2015, his legacy lives on in the work he gave to the world.




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